MythTV OS X 0.23-fixes Frontend Builds

NOTE: I am in the middle of moving, thus builds have not been kept up to date. Weekly builds should resume around Sep 5.

STABLE BUILD: MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r25260+psychos2 (Jul 04) - 122M
BETA BUILD FOR 23056 PROTOCOL (backend svn r25366 and newer): MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r25374+psychos2 (Jul 18) - Will work with Mythbuntu PPA/Avenard and other updated backends; please use the latest "stable" build above if using the locally-hosted OS X backend or the standard Ubuntu package. (If you get a protocol mismatch with this version stating the server is running version 56, you want the stable build above.) The local backend will be updated shortly, and the older version 56 protocol will continue to be hosted here.

You can contact me via email at psychosis <at> psychosis <dot> net.

Changes from r25080 to r25260: Upstream changes.
Changes from r24875 to r25080: Upstream changes.
Changes from r24740 to r24875: Upstream changes.

Local changes from mainline 0.23-fixes (current +psychos2 build):

These are currently 32-bit Intel binaries, which should work on any Intel-based Mac running 10.5/10.6. New builds will be posted weekly, or more frequently as needed.
These builds will work with backends running MythTV 0.23-fixes, including Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) and the local 0.23-fixes backend builds.

Please note that these builds have not been tested extensively. I personally only use standard MythTV recording playback and the MythVideo plugin, connecting to an Ubuntu 10.04 backend (0.23-fixes), and generally only test regular playback under 10.5 and 10.6. Please contact me if you run into any issues! I'm currently working on an x86/PPC universal build, as well as a 10.4 compatible build.

Known bugs:
The 2x versions of deinterlacers don't seem to work on 1080i video, causing severe stuttering even with plenty of CPU, but do seem to work on 480i. I recommend Yadif if you get smooth playback, Kernel if you don't have the CPU for Yadif.
The frontend takes up excessive CPU time when paused. I recommend setting a bookmark and exiting back to the program list if you want to pause for a long time and care about the CPU usage.

Icon  Name                                            Last modified      Size  Description
[   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r25260+psychos2.tar.bz2 04-Jul-2010 05:53 122M * LATEST STABLE FRONTEND PACKAGE * [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r25080+psychos2.tar.bz2 10-Jun-2010 23:07 123M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24875+psychos2.tar.bz2 26-May-2010 13:18 123M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24740.tar.bz2 19-May-2010 18:14 123M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24651.tar.bz2 14-May-2010 03:13 123M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24564.tar.bz2 11-May-2010 08:11 122M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24482.tar.bz2 07-May-2010 19:56 122M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24335.tar.bz2 01-May-2010 04:38 122M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24258.tar.bz2 25-Apr-2010 05:10 120M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24244.tar.bz2 24-Apr-2010 02:05 120M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24243.tar.bz2 23-Apr-2010 22:01 118M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24079.tar.bz2 12-Apr-2010 05:35 116M [   ] MythFrontend-0.23-fixes-r24077.tar.bz2 12-Apr-2010 04:35 116M

Link to 0.23-fixes Backend Builds

Charityware: If you find these builds useful enough that you might want to pitch in a few dollars, please feel free to do so to any charitable organization of your choice! (Of course, the standard GPL applies, as with any MythTV build.)